In comparison with other countries, Japanese people life is highly dependent on vending machines, I think. You will find lots of vending machines everywhere when you visit Japan. The items we can get through vending machines are very various, not only drinks and snacks but also cigarette, ice creams, eggs, condoms and so on!

Vendingmachine_3These two are milk and ice cream vending machine.
You can find those in game arcade, bowling alley,and public bath mostly.



Vendingmachine_4This is a very rare vending machine of Proactiv. I found this in a shopping mall. The price of the products is not different from the web shop, but still expensive. So, this vending machine accepts only credit card!






Vendingmachine_7We can buy tobacco through vending machine, but it’s not easy! In Japan, we must have TASPO card or Japanese drivers license to use cigarette vending machine. Therefore, foreign tourists who want to buy tobacco have to go to  convenience store or tobacco shop.


Vendingmachine_6These are condom vending machine. They used to be found near drug store, but these days, the number is getting smaller and smaller. Also, the price is not really reasonable. If you are not shy, it’s better to buy condoms at drugstore or convenience store.